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Snakes... Why'd It Have To Be Snakes?

In this episode David and Marty arrive at a celebration of the defeat of a snake god on some distant planet. Wait that fortune teller is a phoney! Marty makes a bold yet questionable move getting a snake tatooed on his arm and dressing like a member of Abba. Join us as we prove we aren't crazy and the Mara is a real credible threat, no really we're serious guys c'mon, in the Peter Davison story Snakedance! We also read listener feedback email, discuss dvd extras, L.I. Who, Fan Boy Expo, The Bechdell Test and more! So join us for Episode 81 of Hoo on Who as we blow up crystal balls, wear creepy skulls as hats and generally question our fashion sense! That's it, enough is enough! I've had it with these Mara Possessed snakes on this Monday to Friday Tardis!

Next DVD Reviewed is.....

Next time on Hoo on Who, Join David and Marty as they get lost in the maze of the minotaur with the great Lord ZIMON! In Episode 82 Horns of Nimon! Coming Soon...

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